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Dental Staffing
Personal service from the most friendly private dental staffing agency
in Southern California



1. Call and/or E-mail, and tell us what positions you need filled.
2. Sign a contract with us
3. We research and select qualified candidates based on your requirements,
4. You review and choose the candidates then notify us of your selection.

All applicants are pre-screened by us.
Licenses and qualifications are verified.
Fees are very reasonable.
You pay no fee until you hire one of our people.
Confidentiality is always a priority.


  • Interview with us, tell us your qualifications, where,when and how often you can work and your salary expectations.
  • We will need all your licenses, resumes etc.
  • We, find the job for you according to your skills and needs.
  • YOU , never pay a fee.

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San Diego
Dental Staffing